Dr Richard Carr

Dr Richard Carr

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  • Cambridge, UK.
Lecturer in History & Politics, Anglia Ruskin University. Author of the book "March of the Moderates: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and the Rebirth of Progressive Politics." (https://amzn.to/2XJEAJz)

What is a ‘moderate’ politician? Four key tests.

4 min read
Understanding moderate politics can help us navigate the extremes of the current age.

How Joe Biden (and a plagiarism row) helped Neil Kinnock lay the ground for UK’s New Labour.

4 min read
As Joe Biden runs for US president, the strange tale of how he helped shape the UK Labour party.

Boris Johnson PM — Populists now run the show, but what exactly are they offering?

3 min read
We now have ‘Believe in Britain’ and ‘Make America Great Again’. This language posits itself as inclusive, but in reality creates the space for Trumpian excesses.

Chris Williamson and the hard left’s relationship with anti-Semitism.

4 min read
The MP has been suspended again but will the party leadership readmit him if a snap election is on the cards?
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