Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy

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  • Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK.
Tax justice campaigner. Professor of Practice in International Political Economy, City, University of London. Chartered accountant. Author of 'The Joy of Tax'.

Boris Johnson’s economic policy debunked – ‘Boosterism’ has failed everywhere else.

4 min read
Seemingly a mix of hype, economic stimulus and tax cuts, boosterism appears to be an economic credo with shaky foundations.

To Russia, with love.

3 min read
There is much discussion about what can really be done by the UK that might harm Russian interests.

John Redwood admits it: There never was a reason for austerity.

3 min read
Former Tory minister John Redwood MP hammers the nails into the coffin of Tory economic policy, as he admits there never was a reason for austerity.
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