Robin Whitlock

Robin Whitlock

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  • Weston Super Mare, UK
Freelance journalist with special interests in renewable energy, climate change, environmental issues and social justice, with a variety of other interests besides (e.g. transport).

Stark choices: Labour has to change.

5 min read
At the heart of Labour’s election disaster stands Jeremy Corbyn. He has to go.

A new low for Julia Hartley-Brewer — The “fat tax” tweet.

5 min read
Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer, perhaps secretly envious of Katie Hopkins successful campaign of pouring humongous amounts of bile over the internet, decided to attempt a new low on Twitter this week, and judging by some of the responses to her tweet, she certainly seems to have managed it.

That appalling Presidents Club event and the enduring ‘blame-the-victim’ culture.

6 min read
After the recent Financial Times’ investigation into the appalling practices that have been occuring for decades at The Presidents Club charity events, some people still claim that female hostesses at the recent charity dinner weren’t actually sexually harassed.

Trump’s war on solar.

4 min read
The Trump Administration’s new tariff on solar power imports is anti-growth and illogical. More seriously, it will slow the U.S. solar industry and cost 23,000 jobs.

Trump’s crazy plan for offshore oil drilling.

8 min read
The Trump Administration’s five-year plan for offshore oil drilling will heighten spill risks for coastal areas in the US say the 64 signatories of a joint statement against the plan. Opposition to the plan is already beginning to mount – especially in American coastal communities.

The Great Barrier Reef really is dying.

5 min read
A journalist seems to believe that because his degree was won at Oxford, that somehow gives him authority to state firmly that scientists with PhDs in climate science are wrong.

The Tories are on the edge of total disaster.

6 min read
If Theresa May resigns, who will replace her? Or will the Tories call an election in the hope they can beat Corbyn? At the moment, it is Labour that looks the strongest party, based on their set of competent politicians who, potentially, could replace Corbyn if they need to.
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