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Ruairi Luke McCallan

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Coronavirus: Beyond isolation.

5 min read
As things will surely not be returning to the normal we all knew pre-COVID, only by working together, by cooperating and caring, will we get through the worst of it now.

Target(s) in sight.

7 min read
Who is targeting what voters in the upcoming general election (and does any of this really matter anymore?).

The Brexit gambit.

5 min read
While a boost for Brexiters, Farage’s decision to stand down in Tory-held seats may not pay the dividends he or Johnson seek.

A Rubicon crossed.

5 min read
Labour MPs seeking a cross-party Brexit Deal will be disappointed. Boris’ antics make it unlikely one will be found. Johnson and the Brexiters haven’t just crossed a line in the sand, they’ve spat in the face of those who drew it.

On the fence (yet again!)

4 min read
Labour’s vote to stay ‘ambiguous’ on Brexit – against both the advice of its MPs and members – signals once again that Corbyn is all bark, no bite.

A time for cautious acceptance?

5 min read
The Liberal Democrats should cautiously accept Phillip Lee and other defectors into the fold – however, they must not let the liberalism at the party’s core slip away.

Capitulation, migration and Brexit.

5 min read
There’s a difference between understanding concerns over migration, and indulging and capitulating to them without question or critique.
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