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Officer Sean Gannon’s death says a lot about white privilege in the U.S.

4 min read
When a white police officer gets killed in the U.S., there is no need to propose major policy changes against an entire race or religion. Is that fair?

Unintended consequences of Jerusalem’s recognition.

3 min read
Iran and the Hezbollah aren’t too unhappy with Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Trump colluded with Israel, not Russia.

3 min read
Michael Flynn, following his indictment, reassured Americans that he had indeed not committed treason, which blows any and all arguments that Flynn’s plea deal with the FBI confirms the Russian collusion accusations.

You can’t blame Trump.

5 min read
Pick up any newspaper, turn on any news channel and it is not difficult to indulge into the fallacy that Donald Trump is the root cause of the rot in America and not just a mere symptom of it.

The Media aren't your friends either.

6 min read
Why is the media’s takeaway from the last elections ‘controversy leads to higher revenues’ rather than ‘our actions have consequences’?

I hate Socialism, but support Bernie Sanders — Here’s why...

9 min read
I try to keep emotion out of politics, but this was all very personal to me; coming to terms with the idea that Mainstream Media colluded with a corrupt party to cheat away the candidate of my choice with no repercussions whatsoever, seemed very nostalgic.

If you were a Bernie supporter in 2016, you should be backing Trump now.

7 min read
Why was it that unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders was not concerned about losing independent and moderate voters? Did Bernie not want to win? Or did he believe that presidential candidates ought to be honest to the people?
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