Simon the Stylite

Simon the Stylite

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Simon the Stylite is the nom de plume for a (mainly) Brexit related commentator. He is also an aspiring novelist.

The key basis of the Brexit promise was never going to be true.

2 min read
An interesting thread on what was the fundamental lie built into the 2016 EU Referendum and led to Brexit.

The Schrödinger’s Cat Brexit.

3 min read
We are very sorry to break it to you, but there is some bad news on the UK government’s Brexit approach.

Brexit — Lost in Space.

3 min read
Fuelled by rhetoric and promises, the Brexit starship and its crew, half of them enthusiastic, half less so, left our planet two years ago to boldly go where no ship of state has gone before...

Is there a political strategy behind Boris Johnson’s ‘do or die’ plan?

2 min read
If there is a plan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good one. So, look for the ‘pivot moment’.

How Theresa May’s Brexit Deal could eventually gain Labour support.

4 min read
It is reasonable to assume the government will fail the Meaningful Vote. What happens next? What could Theresa May offer to get Labour on board?

Theresa May forced to tell the truth: Brexit itself is the bad deal.

2 min read
Theresa May played the long-term game of producing unworkable plans in order to keep the Conservatives united. Angry that she got caught, she has been forced to tell the truth.

What next for the ERG rebel MPs?

2 min read
Imagine being an alien from a different planet who lands in the UK and tries to work out what is going on with Brexit.
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