Simon the Stylite

Simon the Stylite

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Simon the Stylite is the nom de plume for a (mainly) Brexit related commentator. He is also an aspiring novelist.

A second referendum is now the only way to move forward.

3 min read
A clearer path to a second referendum is emerging. This destination is by no means inevitable, but it is becoming much more likely.

Is it now time for Leave 2.0?

2 min read
Leave 1.0 (Lancaster House) has failed. ‘No Deal’ isn’t a credible position. Polling is moving against the Leave project. Isn’t it time for one of the key Leave figures to pitch Leave 2.0?

A late summer ‘No Deal’ story.

4 min read
Three signals suggest that we have entered the ‘No Deal’ phase of the Brexit negotiations.

Tough times ahead.

3 min read
A few comments on an excellent Twitter thread by Peter Foster regarding Brexit and the Irish backstop issue.

Did we learn anything new from Theresa May’s speech?

2 min read
What should we make of Theresa May’s Mansion House speech? It’s worth both more and less than at first sight, Simeon the Stylite writes.

Has the government’s Brexit “remit” run out?

3 min read
Simon the Stylite argues that the government has fatally weakened its own Brexit remit.
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