Professor Simon Tormey

Professor Simon Tormey

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  • Bristol, UK.
Professor of Politics, Political Theorist, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Bristol.

Tony Abbott: Why Boris Johnson would want Australia’s controversial ex-PM as a trade envoy.

5 min read
What on Earth could drive Boris Johnson to reach out to someone whose toxicity matches Donald Trump in many quarters? Abbott has little experience on trade but he packs a symbolic punch.

Many Scots want independence from the United Kingdom. How might that play out in a post-Brexit world?

4 min read
Independence is a vexed question for the Scottish people, especially with so much yet unknown about how the UK will fare in its divorce from the European Union.

Johnson’s thumping win an electoral lesson in not just having policies, but knowing how to sell them.

5 min read
Johnson is back at No 10 – but British voters may be in for a rude shock when they realise his is a much tougher and more conservative agenda than many believe.

Boris Johnson sends UK voters to the polls, hoping for the ‘right’ kind of Brexit. But it just might backfire.

4 min read
There is a chance – just a chance – that far from smoothing the UK’s exit from the EU, the election blows up in Johnson’s face and delivers a Remain parliament.
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