Professor Simon Usherwood

Professor Simon Usherwood

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  • Guildford, UK.
Professor in Politics, University of Surrey. All aspects of Brexit and EU-UK relations, plus some learning and teaching.

Mapping the next period of Brexit.

6 min read
Put simply, Brexit is not β€˜done’, merely shifted into a new framework, Professor Simon Usherwood writes.

Brexit Deal: The bigger side gets more.

4 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood has a crack at considering the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement in light of the two side’s starting positions back in March.

Why parliamentary scrutiny and approval of treaties matters.

2 min read
Scrutiny matters, especially when you are trying to make international agreements that might last for a long time, Professor Simon Usherwood writes.

Brexit talks: The sticking points explained.

5 min read
There are three tricky issues left on the table, and one of them seems impossible to resolve.

Another day, another deadline.

2 min read
Any possibility of concluding even a partial ratification between the UK and the EU before the end of the year is looking vanishingly small, according to Professor Simon Usherwood.

Gaps to a new deal.

4 min read
Some thoughts about what happens if there is a EU-UK deal but it is not ratified by 31 December. Spoiler: Best to avoid that situation!

It’s all just words.

3 min read
We’ve got a whole lot more banging on about Europe, however this turns out.
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