Professor Simon Usherwood

Professor Simon Usherwood

Total 142 Posts
  • Guildford, UK.
Professor in Politics, University of Surrey. All aspects of Brexit and EU-UK relations, plus some learning and teaching.

Why be such a pain?

5 min read
A thing I’m not understanding about Brexit right now.

Higher Education and Brexit.

3 min read
Everything suggests that the costs of Brexit to the Higher Education sector will be much more considerable than expected.

When it all gets too much.

3 min read
What if one side decides that walking away from the Brexit deal is easier than trying to solve underlying issues?

Brexit means there is no one permanently in place to look after UK interests in the EU.

2 min read
So, now that we have all slept on it, here is a possibly less hot take on the AstraZeneca/Article 16 mess.

The perils of riding two horses.

5 min read
Let’s cast an eye back on one of the more obvious difficulties that the UK government faced during 2020: trying to do two things at once – Brexit and Covid-19.

Onwards, certainly. Upwards?

4 min read
Scrutiny comes with the benefit of improving sight of looming issues. More knowledge and understanding of what’s happening will help with avoiding problems in the first place, and managing those that can’t be avoided.

Brexit Britain – The TCA as an entanglement.

4 min read
An analysis of all the other international commitments that the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) binds the parties to. β€˜Taking back control’ was never as simple as it sounded, as we shall now discover.
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