Professor Simon Usherwood

Professor Simon Usherwood

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  • Guildford, UK.
Professor at the University of Surrey. All aspects of Brexit and EU-UK relations, plus some learning and teaching.

Fade to meh.

3 min read
De-conflicting, playing a long game or just losing interest?

Number 10 is making this up as they go along.

2 min read
Some thoughts about the holes in the ‘cunning plan’ view of Number 10 for the UK-EU negotiations.

Where EU and UK negotiating mandates match up... and don’t.

1 min read
A quick summary of the key areas of (dis)agreement, following publication of the mandates. How UK and EU negotiating positions compare...

Low trust makes negotiating Brexit harder.

4 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood on the EU Commission’s mandate, and why the UK’s failure to build trust has made it tougher.

Must... concentrate... more...

3 min read
If you’re not happy with how Brexit is going, then try to get to grips with the issues and the processes. Make your voice heard, and follow stuff up, Professor Simon Usherwood writes.

Getting balls rolling.

3 min read
A week into not being a member of the EU, we’re starting to see who has been thinking about what happens.

Brexit: Here’s what happens next.

4 min read
It’s rapidly becoming a truism to say that Brexit isn’t done. But what does that actually mean?
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