Professor Simon Usherwood

Professor Simon Usherwood

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  • Guildford, UK.
Professor at the University of Surrey. All aspects of Brexit and EU-UK relations, plus some learning and teaching.

Expertise and policy.

3 min read
To Professor Simon Usherwood, coronavirus is almost the perfect antithesis of Brexit.

Is there a case for not extending transition?

5 min read
As much as people talk about Brexit at all right now, much of what you hear is the cry that an extension of the Withdrawal Agreement’s transition period must happen.

Quantity has a quality of its own.

3 min read
If there is a lesson to be drawn from the coronavirus crisis, then it is that we live connected lives and that our actions (and inactions) have consequences for others, Professor Simon Usherwood writes.

Government appears to believe UK should absolutely not be part of anything ‘European’.

2 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood on what leaving the European Aviation Safety Agency might mean for Britain’s approach to the UK-EU Brexit talks.

Divertimenti I.

3 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood’s latest analysis on how the coronavirus outbreak has invited itself in the political calendar of the negotiation on the UK-EU future partnership.

Fade to meh.

3 min read
De-conflicting, playing a long game or just losing interest?

Number 10 is making this up as they go along.

2 min read
Some thoughts about the holes in the ‘cunning plan’ view of Number 10 for the UK-EU negotiations.
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