Professor Simon Usherwood

Professor Simon Usherwood

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  • Guildford, UK.
Professor at the University of Surrey. All aspects of Brexit and EU-UK relations, plus some learning and teaching.

Getting balls rolling.

3 min read
A week into not being a member of the EU, we’re starting to see who has been thinking about what happens.

Brexit: Here’s what happens next.

4 min read
It’s rapidly becoming a truism to say that Brexit isn’t done. But what does that actually mean?

And yet...

2 min read
As the UK prepares to leave the EU, Professor Simon Usherwood fears that all this has not been thought through enough.

The Brexit cold war.

3 min read
Change is coming to Brexit. Everything changes, and yet nothing changes, as we move into a new and much, much longer phase of Brexit.

Settling in for transition.

2 min read
Transition remains the Cinderella of Brexit: unnoticed by the ugly sisters of Withdrawal and the New Relationship, but actually rather important.

What ever happened to Euroscepticism?

3 min read
One of the defining features of British politics in recent decades has been the critical discussion of European integration. And this election was called because of a major issue about the EU. So surely this is the apotheosis of Euroscepticism?

Brexit: What have we learnt so far?

4 min read
Last week’s election appears to be bringing the first phase of Brexit towards a close.
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