Sophia Ehi

Sophia Ehi

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  • Bristol, UK.
Graduate ~ Philosophy & Politics. Aspiring Screenwriter/Producer • Available for online freelance work. Passionate about writing to help people understand themselves & the society around them.

Writing off Identity Politics. [Part 2]

5 min read
The relationship ‘identity politics’ has with accessibility, for the purpose of showing how in the eyes of society, one identity can be superior to another thus enabling social and economic disparities between individuals.

Writing off Identity Politics. [Part 1]

5 min read
For the past couple of years, there has been a rise in individual interest in political discussions. Particularly, a rise in conversations about what many scholars have referred to as Identity Politics.

Is tribalism really Nigeria’s problem?🔷

6 min read
Nigeria has so much potential with more and more people getting properly educated every day. We need to stop resisting change and start contributing to it by creating and for those who can afford to, by creating actual change.

Take a knee; what are you fighting for?🔷

5 min read
Making a choice to fight for what is right for superficial reasons or only when you are directly affected is just going to hurt the war against inequality.
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