Steve Bullock

Steve Bullock

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  • Brussels, Belgium, EU.
Immigrant, Musician, Sound Engineer, ex-negotiator for UK in EU, Brexit geek for Alyn Smith MEP (views mine, not his), anti-Brexit campaigner, CakeWatch co-host.

What might have been, and what has sadly become.

6 min read
Steve Bullock’s faultless analysis of the sobering reality of British politics. Whilst we hoped common sense would win out, tribalism, careers, and incompetence destroyed any chance to unite the nation.

Coronavirus and Government β€” Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

3 min read
We don’t have a government where we can take a default position of trust, but emergency temporary, non-liberal, centrally-controlled measures may be needed because of coronavirus pandemic.

The failures of Remain on citizens’ rights.

1 min read
Rights for all citizens will stay a live issue and a key battleground against the horrors to come.

Remainers now need to take some time to reflect.

2 min read
Steve Bullock on why, after today’s depressing election results, he feels it is time for him and everyone who fought very hard for Remain to look after themselves, each other, and their loved ones for a bit.

It’s about giving a shit.

2 min read
If you are still unsure as to why you should definitely vote tactically in Thursday’s General Election, read this brilliant piece by Steve Bullock.

What a Tory majority would mean.

2 min read
Steve Bullock on what a Boris Johnson majority in the General Election would mean for Britain.

Brexit is a pox on society.

2 min read
Brexit is a political poison and a moral abomination.
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