Professor Steve Peers

Professor Steve Peers

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  • London, UK
Professor of EU, Human Rights & World Trade Law, University of Essex. Latest book: European Union Law (edited with @CSBarnard24, 2nd ed, OUP).

State aid is biggest Brexit dispute between UK and EU – There’s a workable compromise.

5 min read
In the row between the UK and EU over how to handle state subsidies after Brexit, both sides insist their proposals are consistent with the political declaration.

Temporary ban on non-essential travel to the EU.

4 min read
Very good thread by Steve Peers on what we know, and don’t know, about the Coronavirus EU travel ban that looks like an attempt to get internal EU borders lifted.

Hot take on the EU’s draft negotiating directives.

7 min read
Professor Steve Peers’ first thoughts after the European Commission published its proposed negotiation mandate for the future EU/UK relationship.

Lies, damn lies, and claims about EU citizens in the 2019 General Election.

6 min read
In the last week or so, a number of ministers have made a series of false or misleading claims about EU citizens in the UK. Professor Steve Peers has examined and fact-checked those claims.

Third time lucky? The new law on extension of UK membership of the EU.

9 min read
Professor Steve Peers explains and analyses the new law that requires the Prime Minister to request a further extension of the UK’s EU membership.

The second vote against the withdrawal agreement β€” What next?

6 min read
The second attempt to approve the withdrawal agreement has been defeated again in the House of Commons. What were the main legal issues in this second attempt – and what is the way forward, if any?

Family values and Brexit: A reply to Giles Fraser.

4 min read
A masterful take-down of Giles Fraser’s incoherent argument for extreme social conservatism by Professor Steve Peers, for instead of forgiveness and compassion, Fraser offers more sneering and more division.
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