Ted James

Ted James

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Opinion Columnist, Blogger and Aspiring Journalist and Writer.

General Election 2019 — What are the likely outcomes?

7 min read
Ted James looks at what a new parliament and government could look like after a General Election.

The Tory leadership race — The coronation of King Boris Johnson.

3 min read
This summer in politics could decide whether Britain will be saved from falling off a cliff into a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

Is 2017 a reverse of the 1983 general election?🔷

4 min read
The great British public looks to be starting to ditch Thatcher’s Neo-Liberal ideas that the markets will look after themselves and the needs of the majority.

#ToryShambles: A bunch of chickens in a coup.🔷

4 min read
Five months since the Tories lost their majority, and Theresa May looks like a teacher who is having to look after one of the worst classes on the planet.

#ParadisePapers: One rule for them, and one rule for everyone else.🔷

3 min read
Tax avoidance may not be illegal, it is immoral. This year, we get 13.4 million leaked documents of offshore investments by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Lord Ashcroft and the Queen.
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