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UK COVID-19 Data: 30 January 2021.

4 min read
Difficult to read the shocking data and to reflect on the past horrific year. A year on... 3,796,088 reported cases... 105,571 deaths... They were someone’s Grandpa or Grandma, Father, Mother, daughter, son, friend, neighbour, colleague... Now is the time to lock this virus and its variants out.

UK COVID-19 Data: 17 January 2021.

4 min read
The intensity and severity of the situation being managed by those working in our NHS hospitals shouldn’t be forgotten with admissions to hospitals, those already in hospitals, and those requiring intensive care, all remaining at extremely high levels, Dr Joe Pajak writes.

Person of The Year 2020 -- The Results.

1 min read
It is this time of the year again... Here is your opportunity to help us take one of the biggest decisions of the year: to choose the person/people/organisation you think deserves to be our magazine’s “Person of The Year 2020”.

UK Covid Data: 3 January 2021.

3 min read
54,990 coronavirus infections have been reported in the last 24 hours, with 614,634 new cases reported in the last 14 days, and 454 new deaths in 24 hours, Dr Joe Pajak writes.

UK Covid-19 data trends, 23 December 2020.

6 min read
Time for government to press the national lockdown button now, before the virus sweeps across the whole of the UK, Dr Joe Pajak writes today.

Front pages — 4 December 2020.

2 min read
We take a look at the front pages of the main UK newspapers and magazines today with a special focus on political stories without any side distractions.

Time for a new way of thinking.

3 min read
Now is the time to create hope, be brave, and imagine a future that works for everyone.
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