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Threadscriptor: Interesting Twitter tweets, threads, photos and videos you might have missed, turned into articles by the team at PMP.

Why do they keep trying to shift the blame onto the small minority?

3 min read
Sometimes the media are complicit in focusing disproportionately on the exception and run the risk of turning the exception into the rule, Stephen Reicher argues in a brilliant thread on government and media coronavirus communication.

The only exit strategy is elimination.

4 min read
Physicist Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam asks whether there is a practical strategy for return to the normal life as we knew it, or have we yield to the coronavirus invasion?

Too much democracy for this little island?

3 min read
If you haven’t noticed it yet, there is deep concern about the government’s cronyism, greed, and undemocratic practices. Today, even the Speaker of the House of Lords raised the alarm. Is anyone listening?

Brexit – The ludicrous proposition.

3 min read
We have long since passed the point where Brexiters show that they cannot answer these vital questions seriously.

Overpromising was always at the heart of Brexit.

4 min read
At the moment, the Brexiter and Government rhetoric insists that ‘sovereignty’ and ‘unfettered trade’ are mutually compatible goals. Overpromising was always at the heart of Brexit. Soon it is going to hurt.

Biden’s victory has not killed Trumpism — What’s next?

5 min read
An interesting thread by Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, who explains the impact of Donald Trump’s four years, Joe Biden’s election, and the coronavirus pandemic on global politics over the next decade.

What does a Biden administration mean for Brexit Britain?

4 min read
Dr Holger Hestermeyer’s optimistic assessment of the Brexit situation now that Joe Biden has won the US Election.
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