Professor Tim Bale

Professor Tim Bale

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  • London, UK.
Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University of London. Co-Director, Mile End Institute. Deputy Director, UK in a Changing Europe.

Why some people switch political parties.

5 min read
Switching political parties is fairly common in Britain. But does that mean parties are being shaped by entryism?

G7 summit: What to expect from Boris Johnson as Joe Biden visits the UK.

5 min read
Post-Brexit, the prospect of a free trade deal with Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein is more likely for Britain than striking a deal with Joe Biden’s America.

Research with party members offers an important clue about how to heal Brexit divisions.

4 min read
There seems little chance of getting people to agree on the big picture, but even partisans see eye-to-eye sometimes when you get down to the nitty gritty.

Labour leadership race — Survey shows Rebecca Long-Bailey only just scrapes majority among Momentum members.

4 min read
She is meant to be the clear favourite for Corbyn supporters, but Long-Bailey hasn’t won over everyone in Momentum.

Nigel Farage will fight Labour seats after pact with Boris Johnson fails – So, what’s he up to?

4 min read
The Brexit Party’s most baffling decision is to continue to fight key Labour-held seats. But all is not what it seems.
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