Tom Moriarty

Tom Moriarty

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  • London, UK.
Tom Moriarty is a British singer-songwriter, writer and activist. Listen now:

The hypocrisy of donating billion to fight climate change while not paying taxes.

3 min read
As Jeff Bezos donates $10 billion to address climate change, Tom Moriarty wonders how much of it comes from Amazon not paying its fair share of taxes.

I wouldn’t fight for it if I didn’t believe it is achievable.

3 min read
An inspired Tom Moriarty on the choice in the General Election between voting for a regressive society where people are exploited and economically oppressed, and a decent, less abusive, happier and healthier future.

We need to talk about Austria.

5 min read
How one event in Austria reveals a lot about the way UK political parties and politicians may work with foreign influencers to destroy the European Union.

Whatever you do, do not educate people!

3 min read
If you educate people, they become a threat, they start questioning... which is not what government wants, Tom Moriarty writes.

Stop Brexit and unite for the future of the country.

3 min read
Singer, writer and activist Tom Moriarty on why he believes British people can unite for the country and against those who try to trash it for their personal gain.
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