Dr Tom Quinn

Dr Tom Quinn

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Senior Lecturer, Department of Government, University of Essex. Research interests include UK party politics, UK coalition agreement, leadership elections, Labour's relationship with the trade unions.

Two tribes of Islington — The real challenge ahead as Labour seeks a new leader.

4 min read
Centrists are at loggerheads with the left. They are both right about what went wrong and that is a problem.

What kind of Brexit will Britain now ‘get done’ after Boris Johnson’s thumping election win?

5 min read
At times is feels as though the prime minister wants the top job for the sake of having it. But now he’s got a long term in office to map out.

Rory Stewart: Who is he and does he really stand a chance against Boris Johnson?

5 min read
Rory Stewart’s unconventional style has landed him in the second round of the Conservative leadership election – but he spins like a classic politician.

Why cross-party Brexit talks are probably heading nowhere – and are a major risk for Corbyn.

5 min read
After the initial relief that the party leaders were working together comes the realisation that they both risk splitting their parties if they strike a deal.

How does Theresa May cling to power? Here’s the secret to her ‘success’.

5 min read
She lurches from crisis to crisis but the prime minister remains in post. How does she do it?
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