Tom Williams

Tom Williams

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Politics writer for and Backbench UK - particularly interested in Brexit, US politics, and the Labour Party.

One year on from Grenfell — and Tory Britain is unjust as ever.

4 min read
The sound and smell of fire consuming Grenfell Tower still hang like a ghost in the air to some of the residents of Grenfell and the surrounding houses and tower blocks, even a year after the disaster.

Opposing Brexit could be Labour’s best route to power.🔷

3 min read
Jeremy Corbyn faces an uphill battle to become Prime Minister, but opposing Brexit could give him the keys to Number 10.

2018: The year progressives can win again.🔷

2 min read
A democratic win in Alabama and, the Government’s loss of a majority in the UK shows that momentum is on the side of progressives this year.

The right is rising, but the progressives can win again.🔷

2 min read
The recent victory of the centre-right Austrian People’s Party shows that the right is still rising, but the centre-left progressives can win again.

The case for identity politics.🔷

2 min read
Mark Lilla — an American political scientist and author of ‘The Once and Future Liberal’ argues in his book that the left must move away from identity politics and have a broader appeal.

Theresa May’s disdain for democratic norms.🔷

2 min read
Theresa May’s opinions on Britain’s democratic norms and values have, by and large, been ignored, due to the perception that her lack of a majority prevents her from doing anything about them. But she still has enough power to push through significant changes to our democracy.

Four reasons Britain voted to leave.🔷

3 min read
As more and more Remainers say they want Britain to stay in the EU, a much more coherent strategy to increase support for our EU membership is needed if we are going to stop Brexit. Firstly, Remainers must understand what led to 52% of voters voting to leave.
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