UK Trade Policy Observatory

UK Trade Policy Observatory

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  • Brighton, UK.
Largest academic group studying international trade in the UK. A partnership between the University of Sussex and Chatham House. The Observatory focuses on the international trade aspects of Brexit.

EU likely to reject bespoke Canada trade deal for UK.

4 min read
The European Union is likely to reject a significantly enhanced version of its Canada trade deal for the UK after Brexit.

The irreconcilability of the UK Government’s objectives for Brexit.

3 min read
There is much talk about the UK not being able to “cherry-pick” and “have its cake and eat it” with regards to post-Brexit trade policy with the EU. There are a couple of issues here.

Economists and crystal balls.

6 min read
Before and since the Brexit referendum there have been numerous criticisms made of economic models, of the views of ‘experts’ and the supposed inaccuracy of their forecasts.
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