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  • Brussels, Belgium.
VoteWatch Europe is an independent organisation set up to promote better debates and greater transparency in EU decision-making.

How each MEP voted on Trump, Putin and Maduro.

4 min read
During the first round of votes in the European Parliament, MEPs focused on foreign relations, while the legislative debate will resume after the summer.

Key take-aways from the vote on von der Leyen — Tough times ahead.

4 min read
The extremely small majority by which Ursula von der Leyen passed in the European Parliament confirms our forecasts on what we can expect in the next 5 years in EU politics.

Key reasons why Dacian Ciolos may, or may not, be the European Parliament’s kingmaker.

4 min read
Due to the arithmetic of the new Parliament, the centrist political group now named Renew Europe will hold the key to most of the policy decisions.

Key take-aways: What the outcome of the EU elections will bring.

4 min read
As the dust settles and the emotion dissipates across the continent, we now need to look at the future. Here are our main take-aways that indicate what we can expect EU decision-making to look like in the coming years.

European Elections are coming up — Match your vote!

1 min read
See which politicians, national parties and EU political groups match your views based on their true actions.

How MEPs have made decisions during these 5 years?

6 min read
As the European Parliament election nears, Vote Watch Europe looks at what and how the MEPs voted on behalf of their constituents in the past five years.
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