Will Black

Will Black

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  • Cambridge, European Union.
Anthro-journalist and author of "Veneer of Civilisation", "Psychopathic Cultures And Toxic Empires" and "Beyond the End of The World".

Resist the allure of hard-right cargo cults.

4 min read
On why far-right nativists, nationalist Pied Piper figures and senior Brexiters, who have significant opportunity to profit from a No-Deal Brexit, are precisely the wrong people to be listening to.

Forget Cumberbatch, see what Brexit manipulator really thinks of you.

5 min read
In autumn 2013, Dominic Cummings, the shady snake oil salesman at the head of Vote Leave, wrote 237 pages saying poor people are poor because they have inferior genes and brains and rich people are rich because they are superior.
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