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Zhuoran Li

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  • Manassas Park, Virginia, USA

Are political Islamic parties a political problem or an Islam problem?🔷

9 min read
The Arab Spring stimulated the rise of political Islamism in the Middle Eastern countries. However, Political Islamism takes in different shapes and forms.

Unlocking China's Xinjiang puzzle: Uyghur problems beyond terrorism and Islamic extremism.🔷

9 min read
While rising populist movements in Europe and the United States play the “Muslim threat” to their audience, China faces its own self-inflicted “Muslim problem.”

Continuity vs change: The trend of American foreign policy.🔷

8 min read
The last change to foreign policy was the end of Cold War, and the old theme doesn’t fit the new world anymore. The United States today needs a reassessment and a readjustment of its foreign policies to face newly emerged problems.

How to start a peaceful solution of the North Korea problem and how it could end.🔷

7 min read
The North Korea nuclear problem has been one of the top security challenges encountered by the Trump administration. The Pyongyang Regime confronted the United States by missile tests and nuclear developments.

Scapegoating 101: The rise of American Neo-Nazism and Donald Trump’s agenda.🔷

7 min read
They gathered at Charlottesville, marched down streets with Nazi flags, and chanted the slogan of killing Jews.
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