Our magazine launches a series of testimonies to make the case to Remain in the European Union with stories written by ordinary people.

Tell us how the EU has changed your life or your family’s (EU citizens married to Brits), how your studying in another EU member state got you to work in your field or opened your horizons on new cultures and new languages, how your local community may have benefited from Britain being a member of the EU (EU funds for your local hospital, local projects funded by the EU...), how your town or your region took advantage of being in the EU to create jobs, to help with your local NHS...

Tell us about the things the media never talk about which would never have happened without the EU.

And tell us how Brexit has already impacted and will impact your life. Tell us YOUR story!

Only conditions for your story to be published:

  • Keep it simple;
  • No limit of length;
  • No naming or insulting Brexiters!

If you would like to participate and have your story published in PMP Magazine, submit your testimony now:

   My name:*    (will be published)

   I am:*
      a EU citizen in the UK
      a British citizen in the EU27
      a British citizen in the UK
      a EU citizen in the EU27

   If EU citizen, I am a citizen of:

   My current city:*    (will be published)

   My email:*    (will not be published)

   My testimony about how Brexit
   already impacts/will impact my life:



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