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1. Type the title of your article in lower case.

  • NO: President Trump Must Release The Memo.
  • YES: President Trump must release the memo.

2. After the title, please type a quick headline introduction to your article (with an ideal size of 30 words max.)

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  • Skip one line between paragraphs.
  • Add links, photos and tweets when necessary.
  • Always add a title and credit to a photograph, in the form of: Title of the photograph. / Company-Photographer

(Remember: Photographs found on Google are NOT accepted. Photographs MUST be free of copyrights. You may use photos on Flickr or Pixabay for instance if their commercial use is allowed [for example: Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA or Public Domain]. Please always add credits and a link to the photographer's page whenever possible.)

4. Don’t forget to check your spellings!

5. When your article is ready, add a maximum of 6 tags in your post setting.

  • For example: Donald Trump, US Politics, Opinion, Immigration, Human Rights, White House

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7. We will see your draft article on our side, but won’t touch it until it is ready. So that we know you are happy for us to review your draft, please add a hashtag # before your title.

  • For example: #President Trump must release the memo.

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  • Note: The article will only be published after our Editorial Team’s approval. The Editorial Team’s decision is final.
  • Sadly, we cannot send every writer the reasons for their piece being refused.

9. Once your article is published, its draft will simply disappear from your dashboard to allow for you to start writing new articles.

  • If your article is not accepted for publication, it will remain in your dashboard untouched. You may then delete it.

10. You may submit as many stories as you like, as long as they are relevant and follow these Guidelines, our Submission Guidelines and our Code of Conduct.

11. Thank you for being part of our great team of writers!

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