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11 May 2019 — Issues with voting.

I sold my home in Cheshire East and went to Spain.

I have several options on where I want to live, in Spain, Portugal or France, or in Derbyshire near family, or a combination of the 2, so I am looking at different areas.

I applied for a proxy vote for the local elections when I left the UK, but it appeared to have been lost. I called the council but they only returned my call the afternoon before the election, so it was too late to re-apply. They told me I could send a form by email for the EU election. I explained I was not registered as overseas. As I was registered to vote in the UK, all I needed was to send the form by 15 May.

Now, there are two sorts of forms for a proxy vote. One is for people living overseas. I am not registered as living overseas so I used the other form. I followed through and today, 11 May, was told that I needed register as an overseas voter by 7 May and it was now too late.

I have replied pointing out it was not in order to lose my first application and reject my second. Let’s hope they read it in time!

Lynne, Spain.

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