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31 May 2019 — Leave subverted the rules to steal our democracy from us.

After the recent EU elections, most of us have found ourselves with a Brexit Party MEP. It is my intention to spend some time pestering the ones elected here in the East to stand up for our national interests.

The European Parliaments’ Code of conduct states as its guiding principles that Members shall act solely in the public interest and conduct their work with disinterest, integrity, openness, diligence, honesty, accountability and respect for the European Parliament’s reputation. Therefore, I intend to email my Brexit Party MEP, politely and professionally, to remind them they are there to represent my interests and ensure the success of the UKs future within the European Union.

My primary concerns are the unfilled promises made to fellow EU citizens, and the hostile environment that exists in the UK. I also have concerns about climate change. I shall thus be regularly contacting my Brexit Party MEP, and, should they not respond to my concerns, I will be making a formal complaint to the regulatory body. I would encourage everybody to do likewise.

Dont forget that we want to be sending a message to the European Union that we take participation in EU democracy very seriously. So, the really important part of this process, apart from making your MEP do their job, is to lodge a formal complaint if you are not satisfied.

Let’s not forget that the Leave campaigns subverted the rules in order to steal our democracy from us. I now intend to rigorously use the rules to win it back. And if nothing else, it will make me feel better because I am doing something, rather than having to constantly endure things being done to me that neither I nor you ever voted for (no-one voted for!) and which the majority of people in the UK does not want. 🔵

“The Leave campaigns subverted the rules in order to steal our democracy from us. I now intend to rigorously use the rules to win it back.”

Carol, Hertfordshire.

24 May 2019 — I wash my hands of the whole lot of them.

With other elections, I have had no problems in receiving or having confirmation of the receipt of my vote from Huntingdon Council.

I telephoned the election office in Huntingdon and they informed me that the overseas postal vote was being sent out on Thursday 9 May.

I received the voting forms on Saturday 11 May and it was returned on the same day. I telephoned the election office in Huntingdon on 20, 21, 22 and 23. I telephoned them again on 24, but they confirmed that my vote didn’t reach them.

So, I have had no say in the European Elections. Are the returning forms being deliberately delayed? We shall never know. Will anything ever be done about it? Probably not.

Nothing now surprises me about the UK. The politicians are corrupt as is the whole organisation. I wash my hands of the whole lot of them. The whole damned country can go to hell for all I care. 🔵

“The politicians are corrupt as is the whole organisation. I wash my hands of the whole lot of them.”

— Peter, France.

23 May 2019 — Disenfranchised by stupidity!

I am a British citizen currently living in Austria.

I am eligible to vote in the European elections. I chose to vote in the UK, through my last UK address, as we were too late to register in Austria, as our local council didn’t issue any polling cards to Brits, as they assumed that we would no longer be EU citizens by now, with this Brexit Chaos!

I am registered to vote at Warrington Borough Council.

I have renewed my right to vote each year. I emailed Warrington Borough Council on 6 May, asking when my postal ballot was being sent out. They replied on Tuesday 7 May that it would be sent out the following day.

My son, who lives in the same village, received his ballot paper the following week. I emailed Warrington Borough Council on the Wednesday, to inform them that mine hadn’t arrived. I also wrote on Thursday of last week that it still hadn’t arrived.

They informed me that due to legislation, they were unable to issue me with a new ballot until Friday 17 May.

I told them that that wouldn’t give enough time for it to arrive here in Austria and for me to return it before 23 May. I was asked if they should even bother to send it or not!

I told them to reissue my ballot paper. I was assured that it was sent out on Friday 17. On Tuesday, my original ballot arrived. I immediately filled it out and rushed to the post office. I returned it by Recorded Delivery.

I have been tracking it ever since. It arrived in the UK yesterday at 15:17. There has been no update since. I am hoping that it will arrive in time to count.

I am livid!

Knowing that some of these postal ballots have to be sent worldwide, why are they only posted out two weeks before the election? How irresponsible is that?

We have been disenfranchised by stupidity!

I have now emailed Warrington Borough Council, letting them know how annoyed I am and that they should look into their failings before any future elections. 🔵

“We have been disenfranchised by stupidity!”

— Deborah, Austria.

23 May 2019 — Simple incompetence or deliberate manipulation?

As a British Citizen living overseas, I use my postal voting rights to have my democratic say in my home country, or at least that is how it should work.

My postal vote for the 2016 referendum never arrived, my vote in the last General Election arrived on the day before it had to be back in the UK for counting, and today, 23 May 2019, my postal vote for the EU MEP elections arrived with less than 5 hours before the cut-off time for counting.

While I appreciate that worldwide post can be pretty fast, the quickest postal service between here and my UK constituency typically takes 7 to 10 days.

Why are so many postal votes deliberately sent out far to late to be submitted for counting? Is it simple incompetence or a deliberate manipulation of the ‘democratic process’?

This, along with many other abnormalities, needs full and urgent independent investigation if Britain is to even call itself a democracy again. 🔵

“Is it simple incompetence or a deliberate manipulation of the ‘democratic process’?”

— Ian, Texas, USA.

11 May 2019 — Issues with voting.

I sold my home in Cheshire East and went to Spain.

I have several options on where I want to live, in Spain, Portugal or France, or in Derbyshire near family, or a combination of the 2, so I am looking at different areas.

I applied for a proxy vote for the local elections when I left the UK, but it appeared to have been lost. I called the council but they only returned my call the afternoon before the election, so it was too late to re-apply. They told me I could send a form by email for the EU election. I explained I was not registered as overseas. As I was registered to vote in the UK, all I needed was to send the form by 15 May.

Now, there are two sorts of forms for a proxy vote. One is for people living overseas. I am not registered as living overseas so I used the other form. I followed through and today, 11 May, was told that I needed register as an overseas voter by 7 May and it was now too late.

I have replied pointing out it was not in order to lose my first application and reject my second. Let’s hope they read it in time! 🔵

Lynne, Spain.


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