PMP News

75 posts London, UK. Website
The copyrights for these articles are owned by They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owners of this publication.

B. Jay Cooper

53 posts Marion, MA, USA. Website
Former deputy White House press secretary to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Also headed communications offices at the RNC, U.S. Department of Commerce, and Yale University.

Chris Grey

50 posts Website
Professor of Organization Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London, and previously a professor at Cambridge University and Warwick University.

Simon Usherwood

47 posts Guildford, UK. Website
Associate Dean, Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Surrey and Deputy Director of the ESRC's 'UK in a Changing Europe' programme.


43 posts UK. Website
the3million is the largest group of EU citizens in the UK, with a team of 50-ish active volunteers working on advocacy, policy, legal, media, social media, grassroots and events.

FM Hansen

40 posts Los Angeles, CA, USA. Website
Cartoonist / Animator. Draws daily cartoons about politics, business, tech, as well as the simple shortcomings of just being human, because humor can help us make sense of our crazy, mixed-up world.

Isaac Newton Farris Jr.

37 posts Atlanta, GA, USA. Website
Nephew of Martin Luther King Jr, he serves as Senior Fellow at King Center. Growing up in one of the most socially & politically active families has given him a unique perspective on current events.

Otto English

34 posts London, UK. Website
London based writer, retired trouble-maker and semi-professional irritant.

Rashmee Roshan Lall

33 posts London, UK & Tunis, Tunisia. Website
Journalist by trade & inclination. World affairs columnist.

Nicolas Hatton

31 posts Bristol, UK Website
Founder of the3million to protect #citizensrights

Helen De Cruz

Philosopher & Associate professor. Educator. Apparently still a bargaining chip for the UK government.

The Conversation

25 posts UK Website
Independent news and commentary website produced by academics and journalists.

Steve Peers

24 posts London, UK Website
Professor of EU, Human Rights & World Trade Law, University of Essex. Latest book: European Union Law (edited with @CSBarnard24, 2nd ed, OUP).

Charlie Mullins OBE

24 posts London, UK. Website
British businessman and Pimlico Plumbers CEO.

Daniel Reast — PMP Deputy Political Editor.

24 posts Poole, England. Website
Deputy Political Editor of PMP Magazine. Also a writer and aspiring PhD student at UEA in Norwich. Interested in culture, comedy, and ideology.


22 posts London, UK Website
Editor-in-Chief of • British Author & Journalist • Celt ☘️ • Also writes in HuffPostUK & • Read his book:

Steve Bullock

20 posts Brussels, Belgium, EU. Website
Immigrant, Musician, Sound Engineer, ex-negotiator for UK in EU, Brexit geek for Alyn Smith MEP (views mine, not his), anti-Brexit campaigner, CakeWatch co-host.

Remainer Now

20 posts UK. Website
Sharing stories of Leave voters who have changed their minds on Brexit now that they have facts.

David W. Rudlin

17 posts Tokyo, Japan. Website
A Tokyo-based executive, author and inveterate traveller with an unshakeable conviction that the secret to happiness is eating well.

Evelyn Thomas

15 posts Atlanta, Georgia, USA Website
A political junkie who created Eve's Politics, a digital news blog all about politics both domestic and international. And, an awesome person who cannot take a break from politics.

Sir John Curtice

15 posts UK. Website
Sir John Curtice is a political scientist, Senior Research Fellow at NatCen, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University, and Chief Commentator on the 'What UK Thinks: EU' website.

James M. Dorsey

14 posts Website
Co-director Institute for fan-culture (Würzburg & Köln). Senior fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of Int. Studies (Singapore). Award-winning, veteran journalist who covered ethnic & religious conflicts.

Mike Galsworthy

13 posts London, UK. Website
Founder of @Scientists4EU and @NHSvBrexit. Tweets EU & UK science policy, Brexit, health policy, NHS. Periscope:

Tom Pride

12 posts Website
Writer, satirist, blogger.

Nyla Nox

12 posts London, UK. Website
Author of the ‘Graveyards of the Banks’ trilogy and many other stories and articles. Passionate about Freedom from Brexit.

John Ruehl

11 posts Washington
Clickbait sensationalism about geopolitics, politics, and culture. Aussie-American.

Tom Williams

11 posts Website
Politics writer for and Backbench UK - particularly interested in Brexit, US politics, and the Labour Party.


11 posts USA
Political Science Student. Writer of sorts.

The Secret Barrister

11 posts UK Criminal Courts Website
The Secret Barrister is a junior barrister specialising in criminal law. Wears a black cape and fights crime. Not Batman. Best Independent Blog Winner, Comment Awards 2016 & 2017.

Simon the Stylite

11 posts
Simon the Stylite is the nom de plume for a (mainly) Brexit related commentator. He is also an aspiring novelist.

Prof Tanja Bueltmann

10 posts Newcastle, UK. Website
Professor of History & Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor Knowledge Exchange. Faculty of Arts Design & Social Sciences, Northumbria University. Migration & diaspora history. Anti-Brexit campaigner.

Robin Whitlock

9 posts Weston Super Mare, UK Website
Freelance journalist with special interests in renewable energy, climate change, environmental issues and social justice, with a variety of other interests besides (e.g. transport).

Masoud Dalvand

8 posts Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Website
A blogger and political activist who advocate freedom, democracy and human rights in Iran.

Mike Selinker

8 posts Seattle, Washington, USA. Website
Game designer, puzzlecrafter, author, and president of Seattle's Lone Shark Games. His puzzles and game articles frequently appear in Games Magazine, The New York Times, and The Chicago Tribune.

Andy Bodle

8 posts London, UK. Website
Perennially grumpy middle-aged git with broadly negative views on just about everything. Was intermittently funny once.

Greg Camp

8 posts Northwest Arkansas, USA. Website
Humanist and author who supports gay rights, #2a, #1a, science, and other seemingly incongruous things, writes for AmmoLand.

The Limehouse Podcast

8 posts London, UK.
Your Liberal speakeasy for wherever & whenever you want your politics. Political conversation from the ground up, from experts to average Joe’s. Entry level is the most important level, for all of us.

Jon Worth

7 posts Berlin, Germany. Website
EU affairs writer and blogger. EU citizen with a UK passport. Member @die_Gruenen in Kreuzberg. Teaches @CollegeofEurope. Still blogging about EU, DE, UK and #Brexit.

Ben Booth

6 posts Los Angeles, USA
British, currently living in the USA and viewing British politics with nearly as much alarm as the US version.

Ruairi Luke McCallan

5 posts
Philosophy grad; radical liberal; lover of open minds, open markets and open borders!

Maurizio Bragagni

5 posts London Website
Father of 4, industrialist, entrepreneur. CEO of @Tratos, @eShareLife Chairman, Co-founder of YouStayUk. MBA from @cass_ulumni. Writing about innovation and politics.

Zhuoran Li

5 posts Manassas Park, Virginia, USA

Julie Owen Moylan

5 posts Cardiff, Wales, UK
Writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Welsh feminist. Gin lover. Cake maker, twitter ranter and proud European citizen.

Dmitry Grozoubinski

5 posts Geneva, Switzerland. Website
Former trade negotiator at the WTO and other places for Australia.

Aaron Robles

4 posts Oakland, CA Website
Aaron is a teacher and graduate student who writes with a centrist point of view on politics, policy and culture.

Sophia Ehi

4 posts Bristol, UK. Website
Graduate ~ Philosophy & Politics. Aspiring Screenwriter/Producer • Available for online freelance work. Passionate about writing to help people understand themselves & the society around them.


ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force.

George Magnus

4 posts London, UK. Website
Economist, Author and Commentator. Associate at the China Centre, Oxford University, and adviser to some asset management companies. Former Chief Economist at UBS. Global macro, China, demography.

UK Trade Policy Observatory

4 posts Brighton, UK. Website
Largest academic group studying international trade in the UK. A partnership between the University of Sussex and Chatham House. The Observatory focuses on the international trade aspects of Brexit.

Jim Cornelius

4 posts Lewes, East Sussex, UK. Website
Remainiac. Save us from Brexit and Trump and a world of stupidity. Corbyn isn’t the answer!

Richard Broughton

4 posts London, UK. Website
Researcher - Media Research and Strategy. Particular expertise around television and online video, transactional media and fixed-line telecommunications.

Chad Parenteau

3 posts Jamaica Plain, MA, USA Website
I work. I write. Sometimes I get props for doing both. Sometimes I get paid. Now I have a book from FootHills Publishing.

Dr Jen O’Ryan

3 posts Greater Seattle Area, WA, USA. Website
PhD in Human Behavior, specializing in gender & sexual orientation. She provides training & resources to organizations on developing their inclusion strategies. She helps parents & LGBTQ children.

Michael Wake

3 posts Southampton, UK. Website
A 22-year-old writer living in Southampton - Writes about politics, the Labour Party, mental health, and a whole host of sports.

Michael Way

3 posts Richmond, Virginia, USA
Freelance political analyst, photographer, and former comedian.

Ted James

3 posts
Opinion Columnist, Blogger and Aspiring Journalist and Writer.

Jeff Cunningham

3 posts USA & UK. Website
Business professor of global leadership. Former publisher of Forbes Magazine, CEO of Zip2 (founded by Elon Musk) and partner at internet investor, Schroder Ventures. Also a contributor to Forbes.

Paul Bernal

3 posts Cambridge & Norwich, UK. Website
UEA Law Senior Lecturer in Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Media Law. Writes about privacy, human rights, politics and the internet…

Alexandra Bulat

3 posts Cambridge, Clacton & London, UK. Website
PhD researcher at the UCL SSEES. Cambridge University and Sussex University graduate. Working on EU migration. One of the3million. Intellectual diversity.

Laura Shields

3 posts Brussels, Belgium. Website
Communications consultant who lives in Brussels and works in 20 European countries. She hates Brexit and currently helps out with press for 'British in Europe'.

Camilo Lascano Tribin

3 posts London, UK. Website
Day job is writing about Tech. Night job is writing about whatever else pops into his head. You can find a bit of both here.

Katy Hayward

3 posts Belfast, Northern Ireland. Website
Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast, with 20 years’ research experience on the impact of the EU on the Irish border and peace process. Author of over 100 publications.

Fabian Zuleeg

3 posts Brussels, Belgium. Website
Chief Executive & Chief Economist, European Policy Centre. PhD on the political economy of EU accession from Edinburgh University.

Ed Alvarado

2 posts
Born and raised in Mexico, grew up in Kansas (USA) and lived in Vienna, Austria. Degrees in Philosophy and Economics with a Master in of International Relations. Speaks EN, ES, IT, and crappy DE.

Editorial Team

2 posts London, UK

Adam Sampson

2 posts London, UK
Now a consultant and non-exec, Adam Sampson has had a long career in the voluntary and public sector, including spells as CEO of Shelter and Chief Legal Ombudsman.

Kathryn McBride

2 posts USA
Writer, Social Justice Junkie, and Craft Beer Enthusiast Living in the Most Stressful Alternate Timeline.

Brookings Institution

2 posts Washington D.C., USA Website
Independent research and analysis on the most important policy issues in the world.

Simon Tesfay

2 posts Website

Alyssa Satara

2 posts Los Angeles, CA, USA. Website
Human rights advocate & social innovator. Let's use technology to help people! Columnist at @Inc.

Alexandrine Kántor

2 posts Oxford, UK. Website
Electrical Systems Engineer (RACE) IEng @IET for @fusionenergy + @the3million Twitter face (one of the 2) + #Euratom fighter + migrant.

Peter R. Licari

2 posts Gainesville, FL, USA. Website
A PhD student in Political Science at the University of Florida specializing in American Politics, Political Behavior, and Political Methodology.

Melissa Ryan

2 posts Washington, DC, USA. Website
Melissa Ryan's work lives at the intersection of politics, media & technology. She is the author of the Ctrl Alt Right Delete weekly newsletter, and the founder of Factual Democracy Project.

Sandra Wade

2 posts Website

Richard Murphy

2 posts Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK. Website
Tax justice campaigner. Professor of Practice in International Political Economy, City, University of London. Chartered accountant. Author of 'The Joy of Tax'.

Brendan Ciarán Browne

2 posts Belfast, Ireland. Website
Assistant Professor and Course Coordinator MPhil Conflict Resolution, Trinity College Dublin.

FFS, For our Future's Sake

2 posts UK. Website
A young people & student-led anti Brexit campaign, fighting for a People’s Vote on the terms of the Brexit deal.

Andrew Duff

2 posts Cambridge, UK / Brussels, Belgium. Website
European Federalist; President of the Spinelli Group; Visiting Fellow at European Policy Centre; Liberal MEP 1999-2014; Turkey.

Nina Parker

2 posts UK. Website
Head of Legal Campaign & Activist at OFOC. Graduated with an LLB law with European Legal Systems degree. She has put her legal career on hold to campaign against Brexit.

Caroline Knowles

2 posts London, UK. Website
Caroline Knowles is Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Nicola James

2 posts Amsterdam, Netherlands. Website
Chairman of the Final Say For All Foundation. I want my vote back, too, along with a vote for the 3 million EU citizens in the UK. I refuse to be a victim anymore.

Axel Antoni

2 posts London, UK.
Business Consultant, the3million Spokesperson.

Will Black

2 posts Cambridge, European Union. Website
Anthro-journalist and author of "Veneer of Civilisation", "Psychopathic Cultures And Toxic Empires" and "Beyond the End of The World".

Politics Means Politics

1 post London
The copyrights for these articles are owned by They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owners of this publication.

Alicia Wanless

1 post
Director of Strategic Communications at The SecDev Foundation.

Emily Rose Thorne

1 post Athens, GA, USA Website
18-year-old journalism & political science student.

Ann Randall

1 post United States
For justice, nonviolence, liberating learning…Writer, proofer, composer, nana…Believe all must act with concern for others and the Earth we share…Last chance

Jordan Bray

1 post Minnesota & Iowa, USA
A social policy and mental health professor, who conducted research on mental health and mental health services. She also worked for a college program for low-income first generation college students.

Catherine Flax

1 post New York, NY, USA
CEO of Pefin, the world's first AI Financial Advisor. Prior to this she had an extensive career on Wall Street.

Ramyar Hassani

1 post Oslo, Norway
Writer, human rights worker and former refugee who has been working in the field and from home.

Wilbur North

1 post Langley Marsh, Somerset, UK
An 18 year old student and aspiring journalist, who tries to stay as neutral yet interesting as possible, coming up with alternative articles.

Samuel J. Aronson

1 post Washington D.C., US
Assistant Dean in the Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service in Washington, DC. He studies the role of science and technology in the Holocaust.

Pascale Schittecatte

1 post Website
Foodie, fundraiser, and writer with a conscience.

Sherry Heyl

1 post Johns Creek, GA, USA Website
Marketing consultant, business coach, mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, troublemaker, and various other hats I wear each day.

Gunnar Rice

1 post Middletown, RI, USA
Blogger and aspiring speechwriter, Gunnar hopes to prove that Trump hath no fury like an English major scorned.

James Mayor

1 post Porto, Portugal. Website
Founder of Grape Discoveries, a wine and culture boutique travel company which leads trips in the Douro.

Patrick Gothman

1 post Seattle, WA, USA.
Seattle-based millennial writer focused on social justice and a good story.

S. Novi

1 post United States
US Writer.

John Hale

1 post Chicago, IL, USA.
Director, Sustainable Investing Research at Morningstar, Oak Park, IL.

Tidal Sounding

1 post Connecticut, USA. Website
Thoughtful discussions on politics and economics with some sidelights in photography and astronomy.

Michelle Pollino

1 post Los Angeles, CA, USA. Website
Reporter + Writer + Personality = Pure Entertainment.

Spike Dolomite Ward

1 post Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Blogger for the Resistance. I write the Daily Crime Report -sarcastic cliff notes of yesterday's breaking news. Just doing my part to fight fascism in USA.


1 post Brussels, Belgium. Website
Independent & non-doctrinal international economics think-tank with a mission - improve economic policy.

Mark Fraser

1 post Manchester, UK. Website
Writer interested in social justice and the new economy.

The Texas Tribune

1 post Texas, U.S.A. Website
The Texas Tribune is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues.

The Harvard Gazette

1 post Cambridge, MA, USA. Website
The Harvard Gazette is the official news website of Harvard University. It highlights innovation and discovery in teaching, learning, and research.

Charles Tannock

1 post Brussels, Belgium, EU. Website
London Conservative MEP. European Conservatives & Reformists Foreign Affairs Coordinator, retired NHS Dr & psychiatrist. Campaigns for softest Brexit (to remain in EU Customs Union & Single Market).

David Mountain

1 post Website
A freelance journalist and researcher currently based in Edinburgh. He is fascinated by the power and danger of patriotism in the modern world.

Maike Bohn

1 post England, UK.
Maike Bohn is a EU citizen with a German passport, living in England. Founding member and spokeswoman of the3million, education expert, consultant. She writes about EU citizens in the UK.

Baron Frankal

1 post Manchester, UK. Website
Group Strategy Director for MAG, UK's leading airport management & services company running Manchester, Stansted, East Midlands, Bournemouth airports. Former Senior Economist at European Central Bank.

Anne-Laure Donskoy

1 post Bristol, UK. Website
Independent social scientist at large. Co-founder of the3million.

John Christiansen Jr.

1 post Olympia, WA, USA.
Independent essayist based out of the Pacific Northwest.

Aneil Sharma

1 post
Legal and political Brexit editor and blogger.

Aemilia Scott

1 post Chicago & Los Angeles, USA. Website
Aemilia Scott is a filmmaker living in Chicago and Los Angeles. You can see her film BEST IF USED BY on Amazon and iTunes. She often writes about media, culture and politics.

We Are Iguacu

1 post London & New York. Website
Iguacu is registered as a non-profit in the US and operates as a charity in the UK, that benefits from the wide-ranging expertise of its Senior Advisors.

Caroline Jones Carrick

1 post Scotland, UK. Website
Director of award-winning nonprofit TEV Project, sharing underwhelming tweets on smart transport, STEM, AI, autism, kids & family life, stuff.

Dom Pates

1 post England, UK. Website
Global thinking, technology, education, learning spaces, music, Japan, writing, travel, peace... City, University of London Educational Technologist...

Jon Grant

1 post Essex, UK.
41 year old Labour voting West Ham fan who rarely ends up on the winning side and in the case of Brexit regrets it when he does!

James Burns

1 post England, UK. Website
A British student currently studying history. Likes: Britain, hiking, liberalism. Dislikes: Corbyn, partisanship, Brexit.

Oliver Norgrove

1 post Dartford, Kent, UK. Website
MSc student of 'Elections, Campaigns and Democracy' at Royal Holloway, University of London. Former Vote Leave campaigner during the EU referendum and now campaigning for an EFTA Brexit.

Martyn Stanley

1 post UK. Website
Author of the Deathsworn Arc Fantasy novels.

Clara Hanot

1 post Paris, France. Website
Eurogeek and catperson. European affairs professionnal. Commited Citizen.

Stephen Weatherill

1 post Oxford, UK. Website
Jacques Delors Professor of European Law and Deputy Director for European Law in the Institute of European and Comparative Law. Somerville College Oxford. MA Camb, MA Oxf, MSc Edin. Faculty of Law.

Racial Justice Network

1 post UK. Website
Charity & activist network. Raises awareness about race & social inequity, works with Black & Brown communities & allies to develop knowledge, skills & build capacity to tackle racial injustice.

PMP Investigations

1 post
Investigation articles by our team and/or guest writers.

PMP Deals

1 post
Check out amazing new deals and special offers from our partners from comfy afternoon teas, wine tasting experience, luxurious spa days, lavish meals in world class restaurants and more! You're a VIP.

Steve Parks

1 post London, UK. Website
A writer & entrepreneur based in London, UK. He has written a series of entrepreneurship books for Pearson. Steve runs digital agency Convivio by day.

William Spivey

1 post Orlando, FL, USA. Website
A graduate of Fisk University. William resides in Orlando, Florida. He writes to be heard and make a difference. Topics bound to keep coming up are Voter Suppression, Politics, and Systemic Injustice.

Peter Jukes

1 post London, UK.
Author, journalist, director of &, author of 'Daniel Morgan Murder' ( Boycotting BBC because of Andrew Neil.

Marcus Stow

1 post Walthamstow, East London, UK. Website
A cisgender gay man in Walthamstow, East London, passionate about intersectionality in LGBTQ+ organisations and spaces. He loves to rant about racism, gentrification and other social justice issues.

Polly Mackenzie

1 post Camberwell, London, UK. Website
Director of cross-party think tank Demos. Former Director of Policy for Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg 2010-2015. She also founded the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute in 2016.

Ronan McCrea

1 post London, UK. Website
Senior Lecturer in Law, University College London. Focusing on EU law, constitutional law and the relationship between law and religion.

Dania Cole

1 post London, UK. Website
UG English Literature, Queen Mary University of London. "Get stewed: Books are a load of crap."

Karen O’Reilly

1 post Website
Professor of sociology, ethnographer, qualitative research trainer, migration expert, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Polly Polak

1 post Brussels, Belgium.
PhD Legal Researcher, Salamanca University.

Respectable Lawyer

1 post USA.
Anti-corporate pirate who gains access to courthouses with foolproof cosplay of a Respectable White Lawyer.

Madeleine Sumption

1 post Oxford, UK. Website
Director of the Migration Observatory (University of Oxford), with particular expertise in visa policy and the role of migrants in the labour market.

Rosalind Shorrocks

1 post Manchester, UK. Website
Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester. Researching gender and generations in political behaviour, vote choice, and social attitudes.

Tom Quinn

1 post Website
Senior Lecturer, Department of Government, University of Essex.

James McCormack

1 post Gainesville, FL, USA. Website
Digital Nomad and geopolitics junkie specializing in Chinese relationships with ASEAN and sub-Saharan Africa.

Jill Gibbon

1 post UK. Website
Senior Lecturer in Graphic Arts, Leeds Beckett University, artist and activist with research interests in drawing, and art as an interdisciplinary method.

Paul Smalley

1 post Edge Hill University, Liverpool, UK. Website
SOLSTICE Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Religious Education, Edge Hill University, Chair of the National Association of Standing Advisory Councils on RE and vice-chair of Halton SACRE.


1 post Website
Blogger. Writes about Brexit, UK Politics and EU Politics.

Amanda Paul

1 post Brussels, Belgium, EU.
Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC) - Turkey, South Caucasus, Black Sea Security, Ukraine.

Demir Murat Seyrek

1 post Brussels, Belgium, EU.
Senior Policy Advisor, European Foundation for Democracy. European Affairs, Turkey-EU Relations & Radicalisation.

Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke

1 post Oxford, UK. Website
Chichele Professor of Economic History at All Souls College, Oxford. Research Director of CEPR. Fellow of the British Academy. Member of the Royal Irish Academy. Research Associate of the NBER.

Jacob Webb

1 post York, UK. Website
University of York graduate interested in British and European Politics, Social Policy, Sustainability and Theology.

Hana Trollman

1 post Loughborough, UK. Website
PhD Research Student, Loughborough University.

Jackson Rawlings

1 post Brighton, UK. Website
Jackson Rawlings is a Politics and Philosophy writer who specialises in British constitutional politics.

Claire Gorrara

1 post Cardiff, Wales, UK. Website
Professor of French Studies, Cardiff University. Researches France and the Second World War. Leads projects supporting modern languages in Wales.

Yolanthe Fawehinmi

1 post London, UK. Website
Digital Journalist, and Content Editor.

Neil McBride

1 post Leicester, UK. Website
Reader in IT management at De Montfort University. He works on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He is the author of ‘The Human Argument’.

Tessa Milligan

1 post London, UK.
Anti-Brexit campaigner & actor.

Kirsty Hughes

1 post Website
Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations. Writer and commentator on international and European politics.

Robert E. Kelly

1 post Busan, South Korea. Website
Professor of Political Science, Pusan National University, South Korea. International Relations, Koreas, East Asia.

Martin Cooper

1 post Up North, UK.

Alan Wager

1 post
Researcher, UK in a Changing Europe.

Marwan Muhammad

1 post Paris, France.
Author and statistician. I do maths and punchlines for a living.

SKZ Cartoons

1 post UK. Website
Cartoons by SKZ Cartoons; mainly about Brexit.

Evan Davis

1 post London Website
Economist, Journalist & Presenter of BBC’s Newsnight, Dragons’ Den and the Bottom Line.

Nora von Ingersleben

1 post Bangkok, Thailand.
Doctoral researcher studying the intersection of business, tech, and policy. INSEAD MBA. Former startup MD (Thailand) and tech policy analyst (EU & US).

Tom Foale

1 post High Wycombe, England. Website
Director, Cogniquant. CTO, Klaatu IT Security. Destroyer of implicit assumptions.

Constitution Unit UCL

1 post London, UK. Website
The UK's leading research centre on constitutional change. Department of Political Science - School of Public Policy, UCL.

Duncan Green

1 post UK. Website
Strategic adviser for Oxfam GB, author of ‘How Change Happens’ and Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics.

Aidan Eyakuze

1 post Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Website
Executive Director of Twaweza East Africa.

Alberto Nardelli

1 post London, UK. Website
Europe Editor at BuzzFeed News.

Ira Socol

1 post USA. Website
Public Schools technology director, innovation leader, passionate believer in UDL and letting children lead. Author and native New Yorker.

SOS Mediterranee

1 post Catania, Sicily. Website
European organization for the rescue of lives at sea. Search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean with the Aquarius.

Victoria Heath

1 post Toronto, Canada. Website
A digital storyteller and researcher interested in everything from global security dilemmas to Bollywood movies. The world is complex. I try to figure it out.

UK Electoral Commission

1 post UK. Website
The independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK. The Electoral Commission works to promote public confidence in the democratic process and ensure its integrity.

Brendan Donnelly

1 post Website
Former Member of European Parliament; currently Director of Federal Trust for Education and Research.

Dr Eve Hepburn

1 post Edinburgh, Scotland. Website
Founder of PolicyScribe & Fearless Femme, Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s Europa Institute and Academic Fellow at the Scottish Parliament.

International Federation of Journalists

1 post Brussels, Belgium. Website
World's largest organisation of journalists (600k members). Promotes international action to defend press freedom and social justice through strong, free and independent trade unions of journalists.

Sara Stefanini

1 post London, England. Website
Climate Home News' senior reporter, covering Brexit. Also a freelance writer, contributing to the Financial Times and other organisations. Previously a senior policy reporter at Politico Europe.

Michael Gordon

1 post Liverpool, UK. Website
Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Liverpool.

Mike Mullane

1 post
Journalist, media and communications expert and agile content strategist.

Marco Springmann

1 post Oxford, UK. Website
Senior Researcher, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, University of Oxford. Environmental sustainability and public health.

Nina Beate

1 post Germany Website
Lived and worked in the UK and USA for over 20 years. Family in limbo due to Brexit. Mother, Wife, Granny, Blogger, Software Mgmt and Volunteer for Refugee Aid.

Josh Larwood

1 post England, UK.
Fighting Brexit & austerity. #RemainerNow. Left wing.

Edwin Hayward

1 post Cambridge, UK. Website
Has been Involved in the domain name industry since 1996. Currently writing a book about driverless cars. Graduated in IT. Has a keen interest in technology, futurism & the notion of the Singularity.

David Henig

1 post London, UK.
Director of the UK Trade Policy Project. UK Director of the European Centre For International Political Economy.

Rem Korteweg

1 post The Hague, The Netherlands. Website
Senior research fellow and Coordinator at Clingendael (the Netherlands Institute of International Relations). Expertise: Europe in the world, Europe and the EU, Trade and Globalisation.

Mike Harding

1 post Settle, North Yorkshire, UK. Website
Singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster, internet radio presenter, multi-instrumentalist. Also a photographer, traveller, filmmaker and playwright.

Stop Funding Hate

1 post London, England. Website
Don't hate the media - change the media. We're engaging with advertisers to make media hate unprofitable.

Mark Goodrich

1 post Sevenoaks, UK. Website
A former vice-chair of Richmond and Twickenham Liberal Democrats. A former expat who saw Brexit unfold from the other side of the world and now lives in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Adam Dalgleish

1 post Glasgow, Scotland.
Law Student.

Anna Jackman

1 post London, UK. Website
Lecturer in Political Geography at Royal Holloway University. Her current research revolves around the future drone city. Interested in the intersections between technology, warfare, and culture.

The Irish Border

1 post The border, island of Ireland.
The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Seamless and frictionless already, thanks. Bit scared of physical infrastructure.

Monique Hawkins

1 post
Pro-rights of the3million & British In Europe. Pro-all Dutch to be able to have dual nationality. Pro-proportional representation.

Erica Consterdine

1 post Brighton, UK. Website
Research Fellow in the Department of Politics and Sussex Centre for Migration Research at the University of Sussex.

Bobby Duffy

1 post London, UK. Website
Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute, King's College London. Author of "The Perils of Perception" with Ipsos (

Chris Kendall

1 post Remainia, Brussels, & Chunnel. Website
A European civil servant (a ‘eurocrat’) of British & German heritage. Maker of EU foreign policy & spätzle. Co-hosts of @cakewatchcast. Writing in personal capacity.

Rob Davidson

1 post London, UK. Website
Dr Rob Davidson is a data scientist and entrepreneur. He co-founded campaigns Scientists for EU and Healthier IN the EU, and currently leads Trade Deal Watch.


An independent global media platform. Through reporting & analysis of social/political issues, it seeks to educate citizens to challenge power & encourage democratic debate across the world.

William Porteous Blyth

No posts London, UK. Website

Delving Haylee

No posts Website
Self-employed translator. Searching the Internet to understand why all this (Brexit, Trump, foreign trolls...) is happening, and how the different players (from LA to Vladivostock) are connected.

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