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10 SEPT 2017 ~ Things you can get for the price of our 1 Month PREMIUM Pass.

Subscribing to PREMIUM is such great value for the exclusive content we publish from our top writers (from as little as 10p/12c per day!) that we thought we would make a small list of the things you can actually get for the price of our 1 Month PREMIUM Pass (£5/€6/$7). Here it is:

  • a medium meal at a fastfood restaurant
  • two coffees
  • two bags of crisps
  • a fruit smoothie
  • a sandwich
  • a wrap
  • two scoops of ice cream
  • a pair of Flip flops
  • a selfie stick

If you can think of anything else, send us your suggestions.

And if you haven't already, go on, subscribe today!

[10 September 2017, posted by J.N. PAQUET]

7 SEPT 2017 ~ Go comment!

We have just added a new feature to PREMIUM that was obviously missing to our stories: the possibility for our readers to leave comments! Check! From now on, every reader can take the time to share their views on all our PREMIUM stories. It's written on the tin: READ, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE.
Go comment, then!

[7 September 2017, posted by J.N. PAQUET]

5 SEPT 2017 ~ Paywall & Free stories.

Why are there free stories on PREMIUM if subscribers pay to access the magazine? We don't offer very many free articles on PREMIUM: we probably published only 2 or 3 last week. However, we want everyone to be able to have a taste of what PREMIUM is all about: a super slick interface with easy-to-read, add-free stories from our top writers. Once hooked, our new readers won't want to leave PREMIUM!
Aren't you hooked yet? Try PREMIUM and subscribe today!

[5 September 2017, posted by J.N. PAQUET]

3 SEPT 2017 ~ Building the dream team.

PREMIUM is doing well. We have now built a team of 16 writers who already wrote or will soon write new top stories on PREMIUM. We look forward to getting more writers to join our adventure to provide our readers with some fantastic new stories and opinion pieces too.

[3 September 2017, posted by J.N. PAQUET]

26 AUG 2017 ~ PREMIUM, Day 1.

PREMIUM was born with the aim to provide our readers with the very best stories written by our top writers at It has become a reality and we have already been able to publish a couple of stories. Because we have always wanted our writers to be rewarded for their work, we have decided to install a paywall on PREMIUM so that our subscribers support that effort with us, along the fact they can always directly donate to a particular writer if they want to.
Go on, try PREMIUM today!

[26 August 2017, posted by J.N. PAQUET]

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