2016 Election

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3 min read
In a recent Twitter thread, the anti-Trump Republican group Lincoln Project launched a spectacular attack against Republican Senator Marco Rubio (Florida), accusing him of having prior knowledge of the Trump campaign’s alleged contacts with Russia.

Why leaders who bullshit are more dangerous than those who lie.

5 min read
From Boris Johnson to Donald Trump, a new breed of bullshitting politicians is flourishing.

Trump/Russia: Maybe not vote theft, but definitely character theft.

8 min read
How could Hillary Clinton have left office on a service and accomplishment high, the most trusted and respected politician in America, voted each year America’s most admired woman, and by the time she announced her candidacy for President she was the most mistrusted politician in America?

Trump could be trapped by Mueller's questions.πŸ”·

1 min read
Experts believe special counsel Robert Mueller could be about to trap Donald Trump over reports the U.S. President had ordered his firing last June, which would constitute obstruction of justice.
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