2017 General Election

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Election polls: How they are made and why it’s so hard to get them right.

4 min read
A look at the challenges of producing and consuming election polls.

Do politicians break their promises once in government? What the evidence says.

4 min read
Research from around the world shows that UK leaders are actually better at putting their pledges into action when they win office than voters think.

When it comes to social media, might the Tories beat Labour at their own game?

5 min read
It looks as if the Conservative Party has learned from the way Labour targeted the youth vote in 2017.

Anti-democratic? Not in my opinion.

4 min read
At their annual party conference in Bournemouth this week, the Lib Dems voted to change policy and revoke Article 50 if they win the next General Election. Andy Martin explains why, as a Leave voter who changed his mind, he supports the idea.

Jeremy Corbyn — Election study data suggests Labour leader faces a tougher struggle than in 2017.

4 min read
Voters have less faith in the Labour leader’s suitability to lead than they did after his 2017 successes.

Ultra-Brexiters now claim I voted for no-deal. I didn’t. That’s a real betrayal of my vote.

5 min read
Meet David from Somerset. He voted Leave in 2016, but not for No-Deal. Unless an EFTA/Norway deal is on offer, he is a reluctant Remainer Now who would rather vote Remain in a new referendum.
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