2020 US Election

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The 2020 United States presidential election took place on November 3, 2020. It opposed Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

How Joe Biden did so well in Georgia.

5 min read
A set of efforts that registered 800,000 new voters since 2018 may have been the key to Georgia turning blue in a presidential election for the first time since 1992.

10 reasons to feel grateful this Thanksgiving.

5 min read
Despite these testing times, American Thanksgiving (November 26) may be a useful moment to take stock. What should we, as a planet, give thanks for in a year that threw up the depressing new word β€œdoomscrolling”?

Who can break the news to Trump? No one needs to.

3 min read
Since Election Day, since the world’s population minus one, has known the result of the presidential election, reporters and pundits keep writing, β€œWho has the standing to tell President Trump that it’s time to concede?”

The clown car is unloading everything.

6 min read
The clown car is emptying to give one last theater of the absurd performance.

Team Rudy to the rescue!

1 min read
As Donald Trump tries to overturn the US Election results by all means, his personal lawyer and former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, dazzles everyone in court. | Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen.

What would you say if you saw this US president’s behaviour in another country?

2 min read
Donald Trump wants to subvert processes and traditions that have run for 244 years.

Hope won but white fear still reigns.

6 min read
On one hand last week’s national elections produced unity because everyone was surprised at the results and on the other hand the elections produced disunity.
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