Abortion Rights

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How Democrats can avoid revenge disguised as reform.

8 min read
Revenge is what Democrats must avoid at all costs if voters bless them on November 3 with the hat trick of American governance, control of the U.S. House, Senate, and the White House.

The continuing Republican criminalization of women.

4 min read
Republicans have confirmed the absurdities to which they will go if given free rein.

The Handmaid’s Tale — No wonder we’ve got a sequel in this age of affronts on women’s rights.

4 min read
The sequel to Margaret Atwood’s dystopian classic provides an apt moment to consider attacks on women’s rights across the world.

Steve King and the Republican war on America.

4 min read
Steve King is the Republican notion of what a horror writer ought to be, Greg Camp writes.

Roe v Wade is about way more than abortion procedures.

5 min read
After 40 plus years of fighting to make it so, the religious right is poised to get their most sought-after prize, the overturn of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision affirming a woman’s right to abort an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s high time Ireland got rid of the 8th Amendment — Here’s why.

6 min read
On Friday 25 May, the people of Ireland will go to the polls and vote on whether or not the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution — the ‘Pro-Life’ amendment should be removed from the Constitution.

Abortion rights and the game theory of armor.

5 min read
Mike Selinker takes a look at Texas’s no good, very bad anti-choice strategy. Fourth of a series of posts about politics and game theory. This one on abortion rights.
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