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My job is to follow my curiosity in the public interest.

9 min read
I was recently accused of doing “partisan” science by the leader of a large right-wing Swiss political party, so this is going to be a few thoughts about academia, having open political positions and Switzerland. Grab a cuppa.

Where activists are being killed around the world.

1 min read
Research shows 212 people were killed worldwide as a result of conflicts over resources in 2019 – the highest number recorded in a single year.

Why history teachers don’t reduce history to a scorecard.

3 min read
This brilliant thread by historian Robert Saunders on how we should teach and understand the history of slavery is one of the smartest responses to the historical illiteracy of TPUK.

Limiting expression on social media.

6 min read
The ability to say unpopular things and the ability of others to counter such statements is an essential part of a free society, Greg Camp writes.

Steve Bray, the anti-Brexit Yeoman of Parliament.

1 min read
Introducing Steve Bray, the man who photobombs the British media every day in Parliament and shouts to stop Brexit.

Why Remainers should not lose faith that Brexit can be stopped (even if the odds are slim).

5 min read
On why it is rational to keep on having faith that Brexit can be stopped, and why Remainers should not give up now. (With some Star Wars references!)

Take a knee; what are you fighting for?🔷

5 min read
Making a choice to fight for what is right for superficial reasons or only when you are directly affected is just going to hurt the war against inequality.
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