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Has the coronavirus proved a crisis too far for Europe’s far-right outsiders?

5 min read
Incumbent governments are enjoying renewed popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, while far-right challengers get bogged down in conspiracy theories.

Distinguishing between ‘populism’ and ‘nativism’.

5 min read
What exactly do the words ‘populism’ and ‘nativism’ mean? Does it make sense to use them interchangeably, as is the case in the media?

Did the fall of the Berlin Wall lead to a better world?

10 min read
30 years later, many wonder what went wrong. And as time goes on, how will 1989 be remembered?

Is there such thing as a ‘European identity’?

3 min read
Does an ‘European culture’ or a ‘European identity’ actually exist?

How Germany’s Green party took on the far right to become a major political force.

5 min read
Germany’s Green Party were the big story on the night of the European elections. Their strategy has been to expand beyond climate policies to become a true alternative to establishment parties.
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