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9/11 did not change the world – it was already on the path to decades of conflict.

7 min read
The 9/11 attacks did not change the world. They were further steps along a well-signed path leading to two decades of conflict, four failed wars and no clear end in sight.

Food supply for millions could run out this month in Afghanistan.

4 min read
Food stocks in Afghanistan could run out as soon as this month, a senior UN official warned on Wednesday, urging the international community to step up support for the country.

What is ISIS-K, the group behind the deadly Kabul airport attack?

5 min read
An attack on the Kabul airport has left scores dead and many more injured. Two terrorism scholars explain who the group thought responsible is, and how big of a threat is it.

Afghanistan: Progress on women’s rights has been hard fought – now everything is at risk under the Taliban.

4 min read
Culture change has been slow and difficult but the will to make life better for Afghan women was there. Now a big question mark hangs over their future.

What’s at stake for Afghan women?

5 min read
As many fear the Taliban could undo a generation of gains, Rashmee Roshan Lall recalls the experiences of the women she met while working in Afghanistan.

Back to the Stone Age.

1 min read
Despite the Taliban saying they’ve changed, it’s likely back to the Stone Age for women in Afghanistan from this week forward. — Today’s Political Cartoon by FM Hansen.

Three takeaways from the Taliban’s return to Kabul.

3 min read
For two decades the Afghan government didn’t care about its people enough to look after the country better, while the United States refused to be forced to eat humble pie.
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