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How the failures of the 1919 Versailles Peace Treaty set the stage for today’s anti-racist uprisings.

7 min read
The racism that is now the target of protest across the globe is rooted in the decisions made 100 years ago by white men from powerful countries who believed maintaining their dominance was more important than seeking peace through justice.

Nigeria — Why having fewer political parties isn’t enough.

5 min read
Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission recently deregistered some political parties, leading to debates over whether this was a step in the right direction.

UK-Africa trade and investment: who benefits?

4 min read
Trade and investment can help reduce poverty, promote women’s empowerment, and support children’s rights. It can also do the opposite.

Can the world afford changing the rules on refugees?

4 min read
If the Western world no longer feels obliged to provide refuge to people from poorer countries, at the very least it should cease destabilising Arab and African countries for geopolitical gain.

Should we turn the Sahara Desert into a huge solar farm?

5 min read
The vast desert could potentially produce more than seven times the electricity requirements of Europe, with almost no carbon emissions.

Tanzania is about to outlaw fact-checking: here’s why that’s a problem.

5 min read
Tanzania is now considering a law that would make it illegal to question government statistics when the country’s Statistics Act should really promote, protect and defend independent statistics.

Will Mnangagwa usher in a new democracy? The view from Zimbabwe.

5 min read
Zimbabwe has a new leader. Robert Mugabe is out. His former ally turned rival, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is in. What now?
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