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AI-driven CCTV upgrades are coming to the ‘world’s most watched’ streets – Will they make Britain safer?

5 min read
The CCTV ecosystem is evolving – but it is still a sparse patchwork with limited efficacy in reducing or prosecuting crime.

China and AI: What the world can learn and what it should be wary of.

4 min read
The world needs to engage seriously with China’s AI development and take a closer look at what’s really going on.

The battle against disinformation is global.

6 min read
A scholar who has reviewed the efforts of nations around the world to protect their citizens from foreign interference says there is no magic solution, but there is plenty to learn and do.

FaceApp — Things are not what they seem... You. Are. The. Product.

5 min read
With FaceApp, Dr Helen de Cruz discovers a whole new level of creepy.

Which of these people would you trust most?

4 min read
Memes and social networks have become weaponised. The happy days of kittens and hot dog legs on a deck chair are still with us, but we have been joined by political-bot armies.

Pepper the robot visits Parliament.

3 min read
It is important to understand what Pepper the robot is not and what she cannot contribute, Mike Mullane explains.

Humans suck and we ruin everything, including AI.

4 min read
Did John McCarthy, one of the “founding fathers” of AI, rub his hands together and laugh maniacally in 1955 hoping that this thing would one day lead to global instability?
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