Amazon Forest

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4 vital steps to protect the worldโ€™s remaining rainforests.

5 min read
Understanding the economic value of rainforests and conserving them will enable greener and more inclusive economies, leading to a more sustainable world.

Amazon fires: Deforestation has a devastating heating impact on the local climate โ€“ New study.

4 min read
Rainforest fires heat the planet, but the degraded forest left behind has far more consequences for the local environment.

Amazon fires are destructive, but they arenโ€™t depleting Earthโ€™s oxygen supply.

5 min read
If the Amazon rainforest functions as our planetโ€™s lungs, what do raging wildfires threaten? An atmospheric scientist explains why the fires, though devastating, wonโ€™t suffocate life on Earth.

Jair Bolsonaro wants to deforest the Amazon โ€“ What powers does the UN have to stop him?

5 min read
Brazilโ€™s deforestation rate is back up. The UN Security Council has three main options.

Youโ€™re posting about it on social media, but do you know why the Amazon is on fire?

3 min read
Imagine that your lungs burst into flames โ€” thatโ€™s whatโ€™s happening to our Earth right now, Alyssa Satara writes.

The Amazon is burning โ€” 4 essential reads on Brazilโ€™s vanishing rainforest.

4 min read
Donโ€™t blame climate change for the 39,000 forest fires now incinerating huge tracts of the Brazilian Amazon. This environmental catastrophe is human-made and highly political.
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