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How will the COVID-19 pandemic play out this winter?

5 min read
Flexibility and accepting that stronger control measures might be needed is important given how uncertain things are ahead of winter.

Boris Johnson fails the ‘showman-to-statesman’ test in party conference speech.

5 min read
Billed as a speech from a leader making daring decisions to fix the nation, the prime minister’s conference appearance rapidly descended into jokes about beavers.

Universal credit: What the £20 a week cut will mean for hundreds of thousands of households.

5 min read
The end of the temporary uplift means many household budgets will no longer meet the minimum income standard.

Sarah Everard murder: The problem with the government’s plan to make women ‘feel’ safer.

4 min read
The government’s violence against women strategy fails to adequately address the reasons for women’s lack of safety. How many more women will be killed in the meantime?

Wales is having a rethink about its place in the UK – Could it lead the way for everyone else?

4 min read
Can the United Kingdom survive Brexit and what role can Wales play in Brexit Britain? The answers require being open to different ways of starting new conversations.

COVID-19: Why you still need to wash your hands.

4 min read
There has been less focus on explaining how hands can act as an intermediary for infection transmission, but hand-washing isn’t just ‘hygiene theatre’.

COVID-19 – How democracies have fared compared with authoritarian regimes.

6 min read
Why the argument that authoritarian regimes are better at handling pandemics isn’t that simple.
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