Andrea Leadsom

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Cameron, May, Johnson... who next?

3 min read
Off the back of rumours Boris Johnson is already planning his resignation in January (which may well be empty gossip), here are some slightly disjointed thoughts.

The sound of silence.

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on slippery language, free ports, border checks, and whether the public will fall for the bait and switch Brexit that is being prepared for them.

As costs mount, Brexit goes round the same old circles.

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on how the latest Brexit developments reflect the recurrent underlying dynamics and paradoxes of the last 3+ years.

They change their minds... so you don’t have to — Prorogation of Parliament Special.

5 min read
If MPs and Ministers out there can sometimes change their minds... why can’t you? Check out the sheer hypocrisy of these politicians.

Could Boris Johnson really force through a no-deal Brexit in the middle of an election? A constitutional lawyer weighs in.

4 min read
If MPs aren’t sitting in parliament to block no-deal Brexit, can it go ahead anyway?

Fact-checking Andrea Leadsom’s Irish border fantasy solution.

5 min read
Andrea Leadsom, like many other Brexiters, believes the Irish border backstop could be replaced by a technological solution, what Brussels regards as “magical thinking” on the British side.
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