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All of Trump’s horses and all of Trump’sΒ men.

7 min read
What happens when we call people β€œanimals”. Historical analysis of world leaders using dehumanizing language to describe groups of people as a warning against the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

Please don’t ask me if I am Jewish. If you want a polite reply.

4 min read
Since I started to write about what I see as the trivialisation of antisemitism in recent months, I have been asked many times: β€œAre you Jewish?”

Jeremy Corbyn must resign.

6 min read
Today’s Editorial by our Deputy Political Editor, Daniel Reast, on why he thinks it is high time for Jeremy Corbyn to go.

Pens, pencils, and swastikas.

5 min read
A brief analysis of the history of anti-semitism and victim blaming endured by Jews debunking anti-Zionism as the root cause of on-campus anti-semitism.
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