Article 50

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The battle between remembering and forgetting.

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis. The battle between remembering and forgetting. The significance of Johnson’s “don’t mention Brexit” edict, some realities of the talks to come, and the gamble that people will forget all the promises made.

The ‘People’s Vote’. A campaign doomed to fail.

5 min read
There has surely never been a campaign as inept as the ‘People’s Vote’. As the hard Brexiters conclude their win this week, here is why this disastrous campaign was doomed to fail even when there was a majority in favour of stopping Brexit.

Has Boris Johnson found a ditch yet?

5 min read
Humiliated by Parliament, Boris Johnson did eventually send the letter seeking an extension to the Article 50 process as demanded by the Benn Act. By doing so, has Boris Johnson not signed his own act of surrender?

Boris Johnson’s three letters to Brussels: what do they mean for Brexit?

6 min read
MPs were supposed to vote either for or against the prime minister’s deal in a special weekend session. But things didn’t quite work out like that.

This is not the European Council you’re looking for.

3 min read
Some thoughts on next week’s European Council.

Revoke Article 50. Now.

5 min read
The revocation of Article 50 is the only honest solution, Nyla Nox writes.

Boris Johnson’s very risky options.

3 min read
The Supreme Court hearing on whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament for 5 weeks has attracted much media attention. But if the 11 judges rule against him, what are the political implications?
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