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Artist union Equity launches Non-UK Born Artists Network β€” A view from lifelong invisibility.

6 min read
Non-UK born artists want to end their invisibility in British media. A British union is setting up a network to help them fight against discrimination. But it will need a culture change.

Coronavirus: How museums and galleries are preparing for the β€˜new normal’.

5 min read
Cultural institutions are puzzling out to to make their buildings exciting and safe at the same time.

Mary Beard and the British Museum – Who runs the UK’s cultural institutions?

5 min read
The government must respect the arm’s-length principle which ensures institutions like the British Museum are independent from government control.

Going undercover into arms fairs – and secretly drawing caricatures of the β€˜hell’ found there.

4 min read
There is a disturbing disconnect between the polite etiquette of arms fairs and the hell that their products create.
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