Asylum Seekers

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People are drowning at sea. Why aren’t we saving them?

5 min read
Authorities in Italy would sooner turn ships carrying migrants back to strife-torn countries like Libya rather than allow them to seek asylum. It is amounting to repeated Voyages of the Damned.

Brexit, asylum and the rights of the child: clarification from the CJEU.

6 min read
What effect does Brexit have on child asylum? Professor Steve Peers takes a look at one issue which affects a number of cases in Ireland.

Peace and goodwill toward men: Are Sajid Javid’s ‘genuine asylum seeker’ comments legally accurate?

7 min read
In the first issue of The Sunday Roast in 2019, we review the claims made by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid on the recent reported rise in asylum seekers crossing the English Channel. Javid has defended his approach, but are his claims correct?
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