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Why people vote for politicians they know are liars.

4 min read
Why voters understand populist politicians might be lying to them but also believe they are honest.

Arrogance destroyed the World Trade Organisation. What replaces it will be even worse.

4 min read
We are about to go from having rules that overreached to having few rules. The US, China and the EU will be able to act with impunity.

Patriotism and the past: Three terrible history lessons Australia Day can teach us.

4 min read
With its flags and face paint, Australia Day is officially a patriotic celebration of ‘what’s great about Australia.’ Yet every year the holiday sparks heated discussions among many Australians over their country’s past and its legacy.

Australians vote overwhelmingly to legalise same-sex marriage.

3 min read
Australia should have same-sex marriage legalised by Christmas after an overwhelming 61.6% “yes” vote in the voluntary postal ballot, to 38.4% for the “no” side.
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