Bank of England

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Countries went on a gold-buying spree before coronavirus took hold – Here is why.

4 min read
Don’t be surprised if this dash to gold has resumed in recent weeks – in a leading indicator of troubling times ahead.

Coronavirus: Five essential measures to bolster the global central bank β€˜bazooka’.

5 min read
Markets normally rally when central banks throw trillions of dollars at a problem. But not this time.

Budget 2020: New UK chancellor unveils Β£30 billion Coronavirus fightback – but debt forecasts look optimistic.

6 min read
The new chancellor’s plans won’t look half as prudent if the economy tanks.

Why the Bank of England will struggle to stop the economic fallout of a hard Brexit – and could even make it worse.

4 min read
Neither an interest rate cut nor an interest rate rise are out of the question if there is a hard Brexit.

How Brexit uncertainty is hurting the UK economy in four charts.

5 min read
It’s time to break the deadlock with a referendum on no-deal Brexit or Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement.

No-deal Cabinet β€” Time for another Bank of England stress test.

3 min read
With the new Cabinet made up of β€˜Vote Leave veterans and right-wing free marketers’, Professor Costas Milas discusses how the Bank of England may want to respond.
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