Benn Act

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Laying the groundwork.

3 min read
Five years on from the 2015 General Election that set the entire Brexit process into stone, we remain no closer to a coherent plan from Number 10, now on its third occupant.

The day that decided nothing.

8 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on Saturday’s events in Parliament before the carnival starts again this week.

Has Boris Johnson found a ditch yet?

5 min read
Humiliated by Parliament, Boris Johnson did eventually send the letter seeking an extension to the Article 50 process as demanded by the Benn Act. By doing so, has Boris Johnson not signed his own act of surrender?

Boris Johnson’s three letters to Brussels: what do they mean for Brexit?

6 min read
MPs were supposed to vote either for or against the prime minister’s deal in a special weekend session. But things didn’t quite work out like that.

Brexit deadlines like swords above our necks. Are we all Anne Boleyn?

4 min read
Despite the People’s Vote March and the Letwin Amendment, the Brexit sword is poised above our neck, Nyla Nox writes.

The lies that bind us.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on the underlying themes in last week’s main developments, including Boris Johnson’s Northern Ireland proposals, in terms of the dropping of old lies and the invention of new ones.

Conservatives poll lead continues, despite Brexit turmoil.

5 min read
Division among the opposition parties continues to play into Boris Johnson’s hands.
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