Benn Act

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Research shows Boris Johnson hardly ever mentioned the war before Brexit.

4 min read
A look at his published writing shows the prime minister has ramped up the rhetoric as Brexit has approached.

How to get Brexit done by 31 October.

2 min read
A solution to getting Brexit Done by 31 October... A simple Act.

Is inflammatory language really a direct threat to the wellbeing of society?

4 min read
Words can and do have a direct effect on the world, Dr Philip Seargeant writes.

Traitors, betrayal, surrender: British politics now dripping with terms that fuel division.

5 min read
Use of the words ‘traitor’, ‘surrender’ and ‘betrayal’ have increased inside parliament but everyone outside needs to watch their language too.

Four things we learnt from a dreadful week in Westminster.

5 min read
When MPs returned to the benches this week, no one could have predicted the scenes of anger and emotion. Opposition politicians collided with an officially sponsored dangerous rhetoric. Most definitely, one of the worst weeks in parliamentary history.

Revoking Article 50 will be dangerous.

4 min read
Daniel Laycock on why he believes the Revoke position of the Lib Dems is just plain wrong.

Boris Johnson’s very risky options.

3 min read
The Supreme Court hearing on whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament for 5 weeks has attracted much media attention. But if the 11 judges rule against him, what are the political implications?
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